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Hard Reset

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As I write this, we edge towards the end of the first day of 2016. Happy New Year, by the way. A lot happens in the world in 365 days and whilst I could cast a critical eye over the year that has passed us by, I fear I could be here all night.

What I will say is this: I’ve had this website a long time. I paid for the web space and domain, I coded the site, designed the graphics, and yet still I have committed what many would regard as a cardinal sin. I’ve not updated my website, with new content for over 6 months. Through a lack of direction, and perhaps a lack of time, I neglected my website.

It’s not as if I haven’t done anything with my year either. On the contrary, it’s been very busy and there is probably plenty of shenanigans and experiences I could have reflected on. For example, the picture above is of me handling an Asian Golden Eagle whilst at Bestival, on the Isle of Wight. This particular strain of Golden Eagle can be found in Kazakhstan, where it’s still used by native Kazakhs for horseback hunting. In this photo, the bird’s handler has just informed me that these birds push mountain goats off cliffs to conserve energy whilst hunting. Naturally, I found this mental image mildly hilarious. Cue cheesy grin, and mild cackle. That should give you some insight into my sense of humour at the very least!

What I would like to aim for going forward, is more of the same. To share the world for the strange, surreal and absurd place I see it to be.

With this in mind, I have opted for a bit of a hard reset, and returned to post one. Pushed the unsuspecting mountain goat of ageing content, over the cliff of time and into the jagged rocks of history. If you will. Whilst my website will now look a bit blank to any other Tom, Dick or Harry who should visit, it should gradually be populated by some at least vaguely amusing content.

Happy 2016!

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