My name is Stewart Paske. I live and work in Cambridgeshire, UK. A self-confessed geek, you’ll usually find me at a computer, be it working, browsing the web or playing games. The rest of the time I am often found socialising down the pub with friends and family.

I graduated from the University of Westminster with a 2:1 BA(Hons) in Radio Production. Self-taught in web design and graphic design, whilst a little rusty these days, I’ve used my abilities in the past for academic, commercial and personal projects, such as this website.

I work for an examinations company, providing second-line IT support. This ranges from installing and fixing staff members’ IT equipment, to assisting in the upkeep of some business-crucial processes.

I’ve done voluntary work at the community radio station Cambridge 105, where I have helped present and produce programmes. Additionally I have helped with the station’s graphic/web design in the past, having contributed to the stations’ imaging for web and print. Regrettably I haven’t been directly involved recently, but I highly recommend you check out some of their fantastic and varied content!

Whilst studying, I was Head of Web on the award-winning student radio station Smoke Radio (2007-2008), and was a regional representative for the Student Radio Association.

During my studies I did work experience, and some freelance work at Somethin’ Else Productions where I helped produce British Airways’ in-flight entertainment programme ‘High Life’. Whilst there I got to interview comedian Russell Howard. I also had a two week placement at BBC Science, where I helped produce the BBC World Service programme ‘Digital Planet’ (now called ‘Click‘).

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